Different angles of illumination can be achieved with this 150 Lumens LED flashlight.

The intense LED light will light up each corner you want to go, it can extend as far as you can see. You will never worry about walking in the dark with the help of this Romisen flashlight. This is Romisen RC-X5 150 Lumens XR-E P4 LED Flashlight Torch. The LED flashlight is convenient and practical for your daily use. The beam from this LED flashlight is bright and stable. The fashionable LED flashlight is an ideal companion for you in the dark as well as a good helper for your camping, hiking, fishing, home lighting, etc.


1.Lovely overview design, compact size for easy carrying

2.This LED torch flashlight has high brightness, intensity and visibility

3.Waterproof and skid-proof, exquisite workmanship, durable and low power consumption

4.The 150 Lumens LED flashlight is suitable for camping and other outdoor lighting (For climbing, camping, seeking survival, walking, fishing as well as hunting, etc)

5.Special needs (For patrolling, hunting and arresting, inspecting, as well as light shooting and so on)

6.Please don't point at people's eyes directly for the powerful light is harmful and it will make you blind, especially for the kid

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The 35mm 3021 DE3175 4 LED Festoon Dome Car Bulbs 12V White has super bright light. It provide longest life time, and easy to use.

1.Long lasting, low power consumption
2.For replacement of interior festoon lights
3.12V DC festoon base
4.Bulb with 4 LEDs
5.LEDs have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours compared to the 1500 hours for incandescent bulbs
6.3021 DE3175 4 LEDs feature low heat compared to the normal lamps with the use of cold light illuminator
7.LED is made from non-toxic materials, 100% environmental protection, recycle uses again
8.3021 DE3175 LED is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it is strong and durable compared to fluorescent tube and normal bulbs

Voltage                                        12V

No. of LED (per bulb)                    4

Size                                            1.38" x 0.39" (L x Dia.)

Color                                          Super white

Weight                                        0.04oz

Sharing of product information, so that we can learn more about these products, this is my main purpose of this blog. But the above only lists some of the products information, if you want to know more detailed information, you can search for other related content under, or leave a message for me, I will return the first time, thank you!

Have you ever thought of using night lights to decorate your room and make your room more charming and fascinating? As we know, night lights have been widely used in people's daily life. Here is a Round Ceramic Night Light Blue with the features of fragrance and lighting, just add the fragrance in the top notch as you need, such as the Lavender, rose, repellent essential oils, which can be volatilized easily, you will get hours of enjoyment from it, press relieved and relax. The night light can purify the air, beautify the environment, and stimulate the human nervous, promote metabolism, improve sleep, etc. It is made of ceramic. The soft LED light will make you feel warm and also make your room charming. Enjoy this beautiful night light in your home, take it now!

1.Energy-saving and environmental friendly
2.With soft and warm light
3.Low heat, no UV and infrared radiation
4.Shock-resistant and safe to use, reliable
5.Exquisite ceramic crafts
6.Multi-purpose: lighting, fragrance, artwork ornaments
7.Can be used in office, home and exhibition lighting
8.Will be a unique decoration in your room or office
9.Practical, easy to use
10.You can replace a bulb by switching the plug and take off it
11.The fragrance's oil will be resolved by the heat of light and it will give out fragrance, which can fresh air and create good environment in the room

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If you are a day by bus or subway workers walk through the busy city, must often see many people stuck in the car listening to music earplugs. If you have a stroll in the campus, will certainly see a similar situation: the students who hung with all kinds of MP3 player at the table studying, or walking on the lawn.

You will find that they have my ears are eye-catching large white headphones. Yes, they are the apple accessories of Apple iPod player. Although there are many brands on the market for portable music players. But since its inception in 2001, iPod, to gradually occupy the dominant MP3 player market position.

Developed together with the iPod is the iPod accessories (English iPod Accessories) industry. These include a variety of auxiliary equipment, such as the iPod case and base. Although Apple will design the official accessories, and sales in the range of global sales, but many third-party developers into its own product brainstorms. Some people even think that the success of iPod accessories and no less than the iPod itself. Some experts estimate the value of the iPod accessories market is about $ 1,000,000,000

With a wide range of iPod accessories on the market, everyone's preferences can be met. Here to say "everyone" is indeed the means everyone - no matter how different he is. Below will introduce you to the top ten most bizarre iPod accessories.

iPod nano is that it's small size. The iPod nano only 7 cm long, 5 cm wide, weighs less than 50 grams, so it can be easily held in hands [source: Apple]. This feature makes the iPod special easy to carry, most users are used to put it in your hand, or stuffed in his pocket.

However, the company has developed a home iPod accessories, will allow you to use a new method to show off their iPod. This product also allows you to keep the iPod was safe appropriateness, imagination put cash, credit cards and ID cards as easy. The company developed called Marware iPod nano special wallet, the surface and no different from ordinary wallet - which consists of leather and available to cash, credit cards and identity cards in different compartments. However, if carefully observed for the iPod nano this special CEO wallet, you will find in the wallet has a special right of the bottom of the slot, slot hole dug two: a round click wheel used for exposed, square for the exposed screen. You can even charge the apple accessories of iPod nano in your wallet: the slot to open the bottom of a hole, the power can be inserted here.

Want to let everyone see your iPod? Today's trend is to wear them in the body. For example, joggers will use the convenient wrist strap or clip to secure the iPod. 've Had enough eye-catching, is not convenient enough? So take a look at another, more subtle way. A company called TuneBuckle can carry iPod nano is selling a special canvas belt.

This is the root of the aluminum belt buckle belt is just to put down the iPod nano's small box. There are a three different types of special belt: a special called The Original iPod belt to expose the entire front; called Full Moon's special belt can only reveal iPod's click wheel, and cover the other part; called Full Metal Jacket will be a special belt to provide protection of the iPod cover that looks like a sleek airplane seat belt buckle.

If you want to "close" contact with iPod, you can consider using the iBox - this man's inner shorts for iPod has a small pocket sewn. Let us pray that shorts will not suddenly fire it.

Peripheral to the iPod with their own products sometimes even more strange. The next section will introduce you to how clever iPod and underwear together.
It is designed for the iPod many interesting case. If you happen to wander in the mall the counter sales of iPod accessories, you will find a wide range of iPod case, and some fluffy, some fake fur, and some shiny, and some flexibility.

One of the most bizarre case than the iPod nano small underwear. It is shaped as the name suggests, is shaped like the iPod case briefs from the leather, just to fit in a single iPod. Although this case Apple has redefined the world of the concept of stylish and sexy, but it is not too practical - it covers the iPod's half a screen and clickwheel. Therefore, it is almost impossible to put this case before use in the iPod. So, unless you particularly like this "sexy underwear", or just want to buy play, or otherwise worked on the eye even if the addiction.

1. Material

Most have adopted a rubber mouse pad, or cloth as raw material, the friction surface texture of these products, large, easy mechanical mouse moves and positioning, and low prices, great sales in the market. The disadvantage is hand look rough, not high-precision positioning, and easy to dirty and difficult to clean.

In line with the new computer parts of the optical mouse, manufacturers have introduced a glass, aluminum and other materials of mouse pad, which is characterized by a special surface texture, the reflection of increased sensitivity and feel, and easy to clean. However, the material will increase the wear of the mouse, but there may be subtle sound when moving. Selection of mouse pad to the attention of the surface is smooth, burr to reject some of the surface, texture, uneven product. Also note whether the product is easily deformed, for example, some products using the raw rubber and thin, very easy to use in a permanent bend.

2. Appearance

Optional mouse pad also take into account when the ergonomics. Some products just added a hand under it, which may reduce wrist fatigue when used, but not really ergonomic products. Optional mouse pad mainly focused on its positioning, do not spend more money for the optional features.
Mouse pad's album (20)

Mainly rely on mechanical mouse moves the mouse inside the wheel, some of the texture computer accessories of mouse pad design is not correct, move the mouse in the above will be very difficult, do not select the product texture is too rough. For the optical mouse users have a note of caution,

3. Price

Mouse pads currently on the market price vary widely, from two dollars to several hundred dollars of products are always things that can not be the pursuit of extreme grades according to their mouse to decide. In general, the 100 or so mouse with mouse pad with a dozen dollars is not an exaggeration.

4. The type of mouse pad

There are many types of mouse pads, such as EVA mouse pad, photo frame mouse pad, rubber mouse pad, glass mouse pads, wrist mouse pad, PP / PVC mouse pad liquid into the oil thin mouse pad, optical mouse pad, leather mouse pad, in general they Yan has a rich color, the advantages of cheap, there are ads in the application of the mouse pad, cartoon mouse pad, mouse pad dolls, photo mouse pad, turns out to be great variety range, and if you are still hesitant to see the mouse pad Type the words as up to the computer market around it.