The 35mm 3021 DE3175 4 LED Festoon Dome Car Bulbs 12V White has super bright light. It provide longest life time, and easy to use.

1.Long lasting, low power consumption
2.For replacement of interior festoon lights
3.12V DC festoon base
4.Bulb with 4 LEDs
5.LEDs have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours compared to the 1500 hours for incandescent bulbs
6.3021 DE3175 4 LEDs feature low heat compared to the normal lamps with the use of cold light illuminator
7.LED is made from non-toxic materials, 100% environmental protection, recycle uses again
8.3021 DE3175 LED is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it is strong and durable compared to fluorescent tube and normal bulbs

Voltage                                        12V

No. of LED (per bulb)                    4

Size                                            1.38" x 0.39" (L x Dia.)

Color                                          Super white

Weight                                        0.04oz

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A good substitute for car brake light.

A good braking system will greatly improve the safety performance of your car. Getting the right accessory, means getting one that is custom designed to fit your cars. New 3156 36 LED Turn Brake Car Lights Bulbs 12V White is available for most of cars or trucks. It is usually installed in the tail of the car, it will send a strong white light when brake pedal is pushed by the driver. This Brake Light with strong brightness is mainly used to remind the vehicles behind to slow or stop.


1.Built-in circuit for 12V DC boltage input

2.A very unique design with 36 LED bulbs

3.The remaining LEDs will continue to work even if some of them has been broken, it features long service life

4.The mild warm light is harmless to eyes

5.It has a higher luminance and faster response times than standard bulbs

6.A good substitute for car brake light

7.It is heatproof, waterproof and durable in use

8.It uses high brightness LED as light source, which is characterized as compact type, low energy consumption and long life

9.The car LED stop light can be widely used and installed in many field

10.The bright light from the turn Brake Lights can secure the driving safety

11..Do not use the turn brake lights near water or other wet areas

12.Good replacement for turn signal light, corner light, parking light, side marker light, tail light, and backup lights, etc

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