Have you ever thought of using night lights to decorate your room and make your room more charming and fascinating? As we know, night lights have been widely used in people's daily life. Here is a Round Ceramic Night Light Blue with the features of fragrance and lighting, just add the fragrance in the top notch as you need, such as the Lavender, rose, repellent essential oils, which can be volatilized easily, you will get hours of enjoyment from it, press relieved and relax. The night light can purify the air, beautify the environment, and stimulate the human nervous, promote metabolism, improve sleep, etc. It is made of ceramic. The soft LED light will make you feel warm and also make your room charming. Enjoy this beautiful night light in your home, take it now!

1.Energy-saving and environmental friendly
2.With soft and warm light
3.Low heat, no UV and infrared radiation
4.Shock-resistant and safe to use, reliable
5.Exquisite ceramic crafts
6.Multi-purpose: lighting, fragrance, artwork ornaments
7.Can be used in office, home and exhibition lighting
8.Will be a unique decoration in your room or office
9.Practical, easy to use
10.You can replace a bulb by switching the plug and take off it
11.The fragrance's oil will be resolved by the heat of light and it will give out fragrance, which can fresh air and create good environment in the room

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Take it, and decorate your nights with this gentle light. Flowers Style Ceramic Night Lamp is Lightweight, lovely design, convenient and practical using in daily life, home setting. Lovely Flowers Style appearance makes it much more beautiful.


1.Exquisite ceramic crafts

2.Colorful flowers style

3.Build in quick detachable lamp cap

4.Multi-purpose, can do fragrance lamp, driving mosquito light, fresh air lamp, etc

5.For location:The bedroom, study room, living room, staircases, corridors, etc

6.Power supply: 220V, 50HZ

7.Specification: 3.0" x 3.0"

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