1. Material

Most have adopted a rubber mouse pad, or cloth as raw material, the friction surface texture of these products, large, easy mechanical mouse moves and positioning, and low prices, great sales in the market. The disadvantage is hand look rough, not high-precision positioning, and easy to dirty and difficult to clean.

In line with the new computer parts of the optical mouse, manufacturers have introduced a glass, aluminum and other materials of mouse pad, which is characterized by a special surface texture, the reflection of increased sensitivity and feel, and easy to clean. However, the material will increase the wear of the mouse, but there may be subtle sound when moving. Selection of mouse pad to the attention of the surface is smooth, burr to reject some of the surface, texture, uneven product. Also note whether the product is easily deformed, for example, some products using the raw rubber and thin, very easy to use in a permanent bend.

2. Appearance

Optional mouse pad also take into account when the ergonomics. Some products just added a hand under it, which may reduce wrist fatigue when used, but not really ergonomic products. Optional mouse pad mainly focused on its positioning, do not spend more money for the optional features.
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Mainly rely on mechanical mouse moves the mouse inside the wheel, some of the texture computer accessories of mouse pad design is not correct, move the mouse in the above will be very difficult, do not select the product texture is too rough. For the optical mouse users have a note of caution,

3. Price

Mouse pads currently on the market price vary widely, from two dollars to several hundred dollars of products are always things that can not be the pursuit of extreme grades according to their mouse to decide. In general, the 100 or so mouse with mouse pad with a dozen dollars is not an exaggeration.

4. The type of mouse pad

There are many types of mouse pads, such as EVA mouse pad, photo frame mouse pad, rubber mouse pad, glass mouse pads, wrist mouse pad, PP / PVC mouse pad liquid into the oil thin mouse pad, optical mouse pad, leather mouse pad, in general they Yan has a rich color, the advantages of cheap, there are ads in the application of the mouse pad, cartoon mouse pad, mouse pad dolls, photo mouse pad, turns out to be great variety range, and if you are still hesitant to see the mouse pad Type the words as up to the computer market around it.

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